new relic

For an analytical software company, New Relic was very open to getting weird (up to a certain point). They requested an “un-conference opener” conference opening video that celebrated how unique the audience was for their annual event “FutureStack”. I wanted it to feel like an induction film for a cult that worships an unholy union between nature and technology. This was the deluded result.

For a follow-up, we went back in time to look at “The History of Data”. And then we created this spotlight of a potential market segment using grotesque prosthetic bear heads!

And one more project that would have been a lot of fun if it hadn’t died on the vine, “Software Bitchfest”. We created six unique characters based on different types of questionable software that would have been part of an animated short and a long lost NES era video game.

Roles: Creative Director, Live-action and Animation Director, Art Director