musical business school

The University of Phoenix wanted to teach success in an industry going through a profound transformation. In real-time, as it happened. This took some serious re-imagining of how and what to teach. We wanted students to learn in ways that mirrored their online life. We wanted them to devour a video then enter a discussion about the content in a chat session. We wanted them to absorb complex information by way of an infographic, discern the common threads of a curated playlist, or scroll through a long-form written argument.

We deployed thousands of educational assets into the platform. Then we extensively tested each lesson and module before launch, tweaking and perfecting, adding last-minute content and updating already obsolete data. The final result was a comprehensive 5-week course that is one of the online university’s highest rated and most popular.

To create a completely new learning environment we reexamined the very concept of what an educational asset has to be. We built things like themed playlists and interactive video to teach in forms the audience loved, yet look and feel as diverse as the music industry itself.

Roles: Creative Director, User Experience Lead, Designer