disney descendants 3

Disney’s Descendants is an insanely popular franchise. A small team and I helped strategize, concept and execute a social campaign, promotional print & digital components and a live activation at VidCon. We started on IG, posting mysterious smoke animations that provided clues to get an already active fan base of several million followers speculating about the film. Over time, we revealed new characters and provided a few red herring misdirects.

In order to get the fans even more excited, we recreated a piece of “The Isle of the Lost” within the crowded halls of VidCon. Highlights included an enchanted mirror that revealed what Villain family a fan secretly belongs to via actual stars of the film, Curl Up and Dye Salon where villainous makeovers were performed and Dr. Facilier’s Voodoo Arcade that provided kids a safe space to practice their graffiti.

Here is a difficult to listen to video that was created for the Disney Channel about the experience:

Roles: Associate Creative Director, Experiential Lead, Painter